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The family-run company SelenHome is not simply a real estate agency. The company's staff are estate agents, lawyers, real estate property management specialists and experts of construction profiles (architects, planners, surveyors, topographers, quantity surveyors, designers and experts on landscape design). That is why the business activity of the company is not just limited to the sale of residential real estate objects, the sphere in which the staff of SelenHome has more than ten years experience. Coming to SelenHome, the clients can count on the following range of services:

- A wide range of high-quality real estate objects (more than 3,000 objects currenty), that allows one to buy a property in Spain without intermediaries and commissions;

- Legal support;

- The opportunity to assess a selected object from the perspective of an adequate price / quality ratio. When buying a property a client can benefit from the expert's opinion of our staff regarding the structure of the object;

- The opportunity to build your dream house by means of professional staff from the one company;

- After-sales assistance of the company's clients such as support in adaption in a new country, execution of necessary papers, coordination issues with Spanish organizations in various fields, etc.

- Services of a property rental. Thus, a client may wish to let his property in Spain, receive rental fees, and cover the costs of buying and maintenance of the object.

The presence of various specialists allows the clients of SelenHome to minimize the efforts to find a right specialist. All specialists of the company consider the needs and wishes of the client with due care and individual approach, and think about solving of possible problems to the smallest detail.

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