Building of villas in Spain

One of the main business activities of the company SelenHome is the construction of residential and commercial real estate. In this regard, the experts of the company are characterized by the individual approach, an accurate orientation towards the client's wishes and strict following to the construction standards and regulations. 

A distinctive characteristic of SelenHome is its own staff, professionals in the field of construction with long-term experience such as architects, planners, topographers, surveyors, quantity surveyors, designers and specialists in landscape design. No one type of construction and refurbishment work is outsourced by the company to a third parties.

The entire process, starting from selection and development of the land to the delivery of the client's keys from his new home, takes about 9-12 months. This time is sufficient for qualitative construction of a detached house of ​​500 square meters. By the way, to find a professional contractor for construction of villas in Spain is quite problematic. Local developers and builders, spoiled by the boom in the real estate market, are not known for high quality objects put into operation. That's why it makes sense to refer not to a single expert, but to a company that can build a house in Spain on a turnkey basis.

Coming to SelenHome, the clients do not need physically to stay near the object to be able to constantly monitor the construction process. The clients may hold hand on pulse remotely thanks to the weekly photo report with detailed experts' commentary. To debunk another myth (and remove a very common fear) regarding the expensive and unpredictable rising cost of the construction process, at once it is worth noting that the estimates provided by SelenHome specialists are fixed and not subject to a spontaneous increase. To change the calculation is only possible when a client makes additional wishes not specified before.

The activity of SelenHome is completely transparent. The experts of the company are always ready to show the launched objects so that potential clients will be able to personally assess the quality of the construction work.

The real estate on the Costa Blanca has always been attractive investment. And, since 2007 the banks have stopped issuing loans for the construction in the north of the region, the possibility to invest in the construction has become available to private investors. Today, real estate is one of the most stable instrument of preservation of finance.

The company SelenHome is not a mediator between the construction companies, but a builder company itself that makes possible to implement a project of any complexity. For the implementation and development of its real estate development activities, SelenHome attracts local and foreign investors.